Safety & Health is Everyone's Responsibility

The coronavirus disease, COVID - 19, outbreak continues to be dominant worldwide, which developments are a cause of concern.

We commiserate with those whose families have succumbed to the virus, which development is also threatening the real economy, supplies and demands.

Gratitude is extended to the World Health Organisation, our Government and other worldwide authorities and interested parties for keeping us apprised of developments and safety recommendations for adoption.

It is commendable that scientists are tirelessly researching and developing therapies and vaccines for trial, the success of which we all pray for. In the intervening time, Zero Harm is everyone’s responsibility. Guided by the safety recommendations, every individual should take responsibility for preventing the spread of COVID - 19 thus lessening the risk at our workplaces and communities.

As Masimba Holdings Limited, we are committed to Zero Harm and one of our behaviours is Caring. Accordingly, we take responsibility for the safety and well-being of our valued Team Masimba, clients, communities and other stakeholders. A response team at Head Office that is headed by our SHEQ Manager and linked to designated representatives at all our sites projects, has been established to monitor developments for timeous responses.

Some of the safety precautions in implementation company-wide are:

  • Adequate water, hands-soap and sanitizers supplies in addition to increased awareness on the essence of good hygiene.
  • Online platforms for meetings, where possible, and small groups in well ventilated spaces and social distancing.
  • To stay at home in the event of showing any symptoms of illness and see a personal GP.
  • Ban on beyond the borders business travels.

We urge all stakeholders to collaborate with us in keeping everyone safe from COVID - 19.

Together, we can be safe!